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Carlos Casado's agriculture activity is entirely developed in its own fields in the Central Chaco; a very fertile soil. Agricultural activities focus on the dry production of soybean and corn in a balanced rotation to conserve the potential of the soil

Agriculture activities are carried out according to a sustainable model, highly efficient in terms of costs, under the modality of direct sowing with the use of cover crops during the winter. Innovative practices are used incorporating the most modern technology of procedures and inputs. Thus, it allows high efficiency in costs and good results that enhance our land.


The conservation of soil fertility and the care of the environment is an important part of the whole process. Therefore, the soil is maintained to conserve and improve its physical properties, avoiding erosion. Crop rotation and the use of cover crops are common practices.

The company uses outsourced machinery services with a large operating capacity and also with the highest available technology to reach the highest operating efficiency. A policy of loyalty and support is followed to achieve continuous improvement. The sowing machinery used is all direct sowing; It is completed with ground sprayer, an aero-applicator plane and harvesters.

Soybeans are sold for export and corn in the regional domestic market.