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Mr. Carlos Casado del Alisal founded company Carlos Casado S.A.

In 1883 Mr. Carlos Casado del Alisal founded the Argentine company Carlos Casado S.A. The company develops over the years an industrial plant, ranches with livestock development, railway, an urban area and a port.

In 1883 Mr. Carlos Casado del Alisal founded the Argentine company Carlos Casado S.A. This year, it acquired a large area of land in the Paraguayan Chaco, 500km north of Asunción and 2,300km from Buenos Aires.

In this property, an industrial plant, ranches with cattle development, railway, an urban area and a port were developed over the years.

In 1886 Mr. Carlos Casado installed the tannin factory in Puerto Casado and began to operate the first quebracho (tannin) extract plant in America, becoming one of the largest in the world, producing up to 2,400 tons per month, which were mainly exported to Europe and USA. The factory was in operation until 1996. Further, from 1886 onwards it began the exploitation of hills for the tannin factory and sleepers for railways that were exported to Europe.

The stock corporation was incorporated in Argentina in 1909, providing the company with a legal form under the corporate name of Carlos Casado S.A. Limited Land Company. In 1976 it continues to operate as Carlos Casado S.A.

In 1925 took place the entrance of the Mennonite Colonies in the Paraguayan Chaco, providing them with land that was later sold to them and today they have up to 1,000,000 hectares, becoming an emporium for dairy, cattle, agricultural and livestock, oil and refrigeration production and industries (Related articles).

In 1958, authorisation was requested for the listing of its shares as securities, obtaining the approval of the National Securities Commission and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

In 2000, 400,000 hectares of exploitation were sold, along with the Port and the Railway. At that time the company had a heritage of 320,000 hectares.

Grupo SANJOSE acquired a majority percentage of the company in 2007 with the aim of continuing to grow and promote new developments and projects.

In 2008, an agreement with the company Cresud S.A. was formalised for the creation of a company in Paraguay called Cresca S.A., which developed, in a first stage, 42,000 hectares of agriculture (soy, sunflower and other varieties) and livestock, increasing this figure later, in a second stage, to an additional 100,000 hectares.

In 2009, it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, following the Strategic Plan, whose objective is to consolidate its historic agricultural activities and develop new areas of activity which were implemented in recent years and which require an important and constant investment in innovation, research and new technologies.

2017. Split-off of Cresca S.A., cattle development became property of Carlos Casado S.A.