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Profit/(Loss) for year 2018


● Year ended 31 December 2018 was fundamentally marked by a substantial increase in Business Results, both in sales, as well as in production and yields, mainly reflecting the increase in Turnover, and the Operating Profit.


● Revenue amounts to $ 244,310,033 ($ 159,326,751 in 2017), profit before tax stands at $ 441,847,191 ($ 59,828,514), profit after tax stands at $ 388,637,794 ( $ 33,559,856), and gross operating revenue amounts to $ 78,605,162 ($ 21,893,234).


● The 2018 campaign was characterised by good weather conditions, with an average annual rainfall amounting to 862.8 mm., higher than the average of the last decade and above the historical rainfall record.


● Regarding operating activities, harvest 17/18 concluded with a soybean harvest of 14,311 tons, on a planted area of ​​4,473 hectares, with a yield of 3,199 kg / ha, and 13,558 tons. of corn in 2,308 hectares, with a yield of 5,875 kg / ha.


● With regards to livestock activity, a production of 699,279 thousand Kg. of meat sold produced in a total pasture area of ​​3,970 Ha has been achieved in the ranches of Jerovia and Mbigua where a total of 5,000 animals graze.


● For the 18/19 harvest, 4,971 hectares of soybean and 2,039 hectares of corn have been planted, it is also foreseen to increase the livestock activity, completing the cycle in Mbigua with 3,300 hectares, start the breeding operation in the Fondo de la Legua ranch with 700 has. of pastures, and wintering of 1,100 hectares at Jerovia, thus reaching a total of 5,100 hectares of pastures for livestock.







● According to activity segments, soybean revenues amount to USD 5,066,064, with an EBITDA of USD 2,296,787 (45.3%), corn revenues stand at USD 1,781,962 and an EBITDA of USD 602,779 (33.8% ) and livestock revenues amount to USD 2,163,643, with an EBITDa of USD 313,076 (14.5%).